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Gartnavel church Glasgow

The Restoration of Gartnavel Royal Hospital Chapel

This grade B-listed building in Glasgow was recently converted into a complementary therapy centre for the charity cancer support Scotland. The main contractor undertaking this task need help with specialized brick cleaning and graffiti removal, and so they got in touch with us to find out how we could help. We removed all the graffiti in a matter of days and cleaned the brickwork using our DOFF System.

Hamilton Grand – St Andrews Carbon Removal

Main contractor: ISG

The entrance of the Hamilton grand in St Andrews had suffered from carbon stains for many years. Using our DOFF and JOS - VORTECH systems, we managed successfully to remove all traces of moss, lichen and algae. While this project was run by an American company, we like to think we played a big role in helping them achieve their goals.

Willow brae – West princess Street Glasgow brick cleaning

Main contractor: CCG LTD

We were asked to look at restoring a boundary wall to see whether it could return it to its original state after it had been painted and rendered.

This contract was completed using the JOS - VORTECH system and JOS - TORCH system. The type of media used was aluminum silicate leaving a fantastic finish.

This was part of a large development by CCG to create affordable accommodation for students. The total project sum was in region of 4 million pounds!